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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Update at last :0)

Well I've finally done a little more
work on my year of projects.
I've taken some pics but well
quite frankly they aren't the best.
It's been raining here all day on and off.
It's gloomy outside and not very light in.

But I shall post them anyway.

I've made about eight squares for the
French nanny lapghan.
All my dolls now have clothes.
"Woohoo no more nakedness"
(it's them shouting that honest!!)

Finally I made a little duck.
I think I will share the instructions to make him.
But it will be another day as dinners nearly
Everyone else has been super busy with their lists.
At least this week has something to show.x


  1. No more nakeness...whew...that's a relief. lol Love the pretty squares.

  2. Yes Sandy they thought so to. Thanks for stopping by.x

  3. Such cuteness! I love those textured granny squares and your dolls and duck are adorable. Lovely work :)

  4. Oh my but those squares will make a lovely blanket! I am in love with your color choices.

  5. I love the dolls they are gorgeous and mr ducky is very cute too x

  6. I love the squares! And the pictures are lovely!

  7. Love your little dolls - they're so cute and will make some child very happy. I've been crocheting for more years than I care to admit but have never tackled amigurumi ?? Probably because I don't have much patience and thrive on instant gratification - hence most of my stuff if fairly quick and easy.

  8. Thank you all so so much for all your lovely comments. Your all lovely lovely kind people.x
    I'm hoping to share the instructions for the duck soon.
    Dorothy amigurumi is also instant gratification maybe you should give it a go. I'd love to see the pictures if you do.
    Thanks again everyone for your lovely comments.x

  9. I love the comment, no more nakedness and I can hear your dollies cheering here lol
    Love the squares on your lapgan and how cute is the duck !

  10. Thanks Ruth its been freezing here these past few days the dolls are really pleased to have some thing on at last. Frozen wool was not a good luck for them lol x

  11. Thanks for your lovely comment Minding My Own Stitches.
    The dolls love to receive compliments xx
    In fact their heads are looking a little big from all the attention (and they were a little big in the first place)

  12. oh my goodness i am in love with your little dollies - they are absolutely gorgeous :)

  13. Lovely work! The little dolls are fab and the squares are just fabulous!

  14. Hi Lesley thank you for your lovely comments.x

  15. Thanks Sarah. I'm hoping my planned attic 24 blanket turns out as lovely as yours did.x

  16. Awesome! your duck is super super cute! thanks for sharingthe pattern. Now I just need to learn how to crochet!

  17. The dolls look lovely but I was already a fan of them! And the granny squares are also so pretty! You've been busy mylady! Very nice! :D