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Monday, 4 July 2011

Starting out

Well this is my first post on my blog.
I feel a little cautious but I suppose everyone does at first.
I love handmade things and making stuff. 
Crochet is my favourite crafty pass time I taught myself from books about 3 years ago now.
And really I just cant stop. I like how it feels to make things from a long piece of yarn. 
The feeling of accomplishment is great. 
Something that I never would of understood until I tried it out.

It just wasn't cool to know how to sew or crochet. 
But well the past few years has seen that change hasn't it ?!

Anyway I'm also taking part in  group on Ravelry called come blog-a-long.
Which really gave me the motivation to start up a blog. 
The Idea is that you pick a list of projects. 
Then write about your progress over the next 12 months.
I thought it was a brilliant idea and well here is my list.
 Better late than never.

Attic 24 crochet bag
Attic 24 summer garden granny
A lapghan of French nanny squares
A pair of fingerless gloves (pattern not yet chosen)

All lovely lovely crochet lovelies but my main love is amigurumi. 
So I also want to use up the 10 balls of fleshtone yarn that I have to make some dolls. 
To hopefully take to a craft fair at some point over the next 12 months. 

And finally I want to make a crochet version of my lot.
My family I mean I haven't got a car lot or anything like that.
My youngest son has asked me to make him so I've added that to my list. 
What do you think? A lot? Or an OK amount?

 Yesterday was progress Sunday. 
I'm a little late with my post but I thought I'd show some pics of what I've been up to.
Here goes...

That's my projects so far.
I don't think I'll be doing them in any particular order.
Just doing bits and bobs of different  ones as I go on. 
Hopefully their will be more updates on another day.


  1. Oh yum, great first post! I've got attic 24's bag on my list also, but I'm loving your little amigurumi dolls too. Have a fab week with the hooks!

    Kate :-)

  2. I think your list is great. I've done two Lucy bags and I also have the Summer Garden Granny on my list too.

    Your dolls are adorable and I really like the French Nanny Square.

  3. Welcome to blogging and I think it could be a reasonable amount of project... But we know life often gets in the way, so maybe it could also be too much! :)

  4. Hi Carole yes I've seen one of your Lucy bags on your blog. It was lovely.
    Thanks for your comments.x

  5. Hi Underground Crafter yes life can sometimes take over crafty time. I'm hoping I've chosen the right amount of projects.
    Thanks for the welcome :) x

  6. great list! and i love your amigurumi!!! where do you get your flesh coloured yarn from? Here in Australia I haven't really found a yarn colour i'm happy with to make certain amigurumi

  7. Hi Blueberry Tea ... Welcome to the world of blogging ... its fun and I'm sure you'll get a great deal of pleasure from it. Your list for come-blog-a-long looks interesting - you obviously love all those nice bright 'Lucy' colours :) I do too. Cheers.

  8. Hi insanedecay. Thanks for your lovely comments. I use sirdar hayfield bonus dk. 100g ball. The colour name is fleshtone dye number 963. Its an acrylic yarn but like you I'd tried out lots of yarns and this was the one I was happiest with. I'm not sure if its available in Australia though.x

  9. Thanks Dorothy for the welcome.x

  10. cute little dolls. i also like the bag

  11. What a nice first post! I'm happy to find a fellow newbie-blogger, I just started a bit over 2months ago! And you're blog is already so cute! Way to go!!

  12. Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments.x