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Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday. Can't stop browsing.

Well its Friday. 4 whole days since my last post.
4 whole days that should of been spent with a hook.
4 whole days that weren't
Since starting up this blog,
the thing I've been busiest with is....
I just can't stop (lol)
Browsing blogs.
Browsing more blogs.
Then browsing EVEN more blogs.
Marvelling at how fabulous they all look.
Being amazed at all the lovely crafty objects.
Drooling over wonderful finished objects.
(Yes I did say drooling.)
Admiring everyone's craftiness.
Being fascinated by how they find time to post.
Being astounded that they post so often.
AND have a lovely little (or not so little)
finished item to show as well.

Amazed that's what I've been.

So I think its time for a little resolution.

To allow myself browsing time only ...
AFTER I've done some crafty work.

Their that sounds like a good idea
Lets hope I can stick to it.
Otherwise I won't have any finished objects to show at all.

Here's hoping next post I have some pictures to show.


  1. Blueberry I know exactly how you feel! Browsing is just so much fun and there are sooo many lovely blogs out there!! Don't worry, I'm sure your hands will itch very soon to get a hook and some yarn and to crochet like you never crocheted before! ;-)