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Monday, 18 July 2011

Little Duckie

Hi I said I would share the instructions
for the little duck. So here it is.x

This duck is worked in continuous rounds.
They aren't joined at the end of the round.
You just continue on to the next round.
The instructions are also written in UK terms.
(double crochet = single crochet in US terms)
I used 6mm safety eyes. But you could
embroider the eyes if you wanted.
I used a 3.5mm hook and DK yarn.


To start make a magic ring.
R1. Work 5 double crochet (dc) into the ring
 =5 st at end of round.

R2. work 2 dc into each stitch (st).
Repeat all around = 10 st at end of round.

R3. Repeat the following 5 times 
work 1 dc into the first st then 2 dc into the next st. 
= 15 st at end of round.

R4.Repeat the following 5 times
 work 2 dc then 2 dc into the next stitch.
 = 20 st at end of round.

R5-R8  Dc 20 in each round.

If using safety eyes I inserted mine below
round 6 with approx 4 st spaces in between
each eye.

Now you will begin to decrease your stitches in
each round to shape the ducks neck.

R9.Repeat the following 5 times
 Dc 2 dc 2 together (dc2tog).
 = 15 st at end of round.

R10. Repeat the following 5 times
Dc 1 dc2tog. .
=10 st at end of round.

Increasing  stitches once again for the body.

R11.Repeat the following 5 times
Work 1 dc into the first st then dc 2 into the next st.
 = 15 st at end of round.

You might want to stuff the head now.

R12-R14 . dc 15 in each round.

(Decreasing stitches now)

R15. Repeat the following 5 times.
 dc1 dc2tog.
= 10 st at end of round.

Stuff body lightly

R16. Repeat 5 times
dc2tog  =5 stitch.

Fasten off leave a long tail to weave end closed.


For the legs I used a different shade of yarn.
With a piece of yarn approx 6 inches in length
fold it in half. Double knot one end of the yarn.
Pull the yarn through the bottom of the ducks
body. Then double knot the other end to form
little feet.

WINGS Make 2

Now I hope the following makes sense.

Ch 2  then complete 5dc into 2nd ch from hook
as if to form a round. But don't join to form a circle.

Ch 1 then dc into the same space as the 5th dc.
Dc into middle (the 2nd ch from hook).
Finish off by 1 dc into same space as 1st dc made.
It should look a little like a semi circle.
Fasten off leaving long tails to be able to sew wings to
the sides of the ducks body.


To make the hair I cut small pieces of yarn.
Attached them to the top of the ducks head by using
the latch hook method.


For the Beak I used the same colour yarn as I used for the feet.
Working in rows now.

Ch 5. Dc into 2nd ch from hook. Dc along row = 4 dc
*Turn ch 1 dc into each st along. = 4 dc in each row.*
Repeat ** 2 more times.
Fasten off leave a long tail.
You should now have a little rectangle/square shape.

Fold your piece in half. Then sew the open end closed.

Sew the top edge of your folded square shape to your
ducks face. Placing it between his eyes. Then fold the
shape again and sew along the bottom to form a ducks bill.

That's it finished. I hope that made sense please do
let me know how you get

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Update at last :0)

Well I've finally done a little more
work on my year of projects.
I've taken some pics but well
quite frankly they aren't the best.
It's been raining here all day on and off.
It's gloomy outside and not very light in.

But I shall post them anyway.

I've made about eight squares for the
French nanny lapghan.
All my dolls now have clothes.
"Woohoo no more nakedness"
(it's them shouting that honest!!)

Finally I made a little duck.
I think I will share the instructions to make him.
But it will be another day as dinners nearly
Everyone else has been super busy with their lists.
At least this week has something to show.x

Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday. Can't stop browsing.

Well its Friday. 4 whole days since my last post.
4 whole days that should of been spent with a hook.
4 whole days that weren't
Since starting up this blog,
the thing I've been busiest with is....
I just can't stop (lol)
Browsing blogs.
Browsing more blogs.
Then browsing EVEN more blogs.
Marvelling at how fabulous they all look.
Being amazed at all the lovely crafty objects.
Drooling over wonderful finished objects.
(Yes I did say drooling.)
Admiring everyone's craftiness.
Being fascinated by how they find time to post.
Being astounded that they post so often.
AND have a lovely little (or not so little)
finished item to show as well.

Amazed that's what I've been.

So I think its time for a little resolution.

To allow myself browsing time only ...
AFTER I've done some crafty work.

Their that sounds like a good idea
Lets hope I can stick to it.
Otherwise I won't have any finished objects to show at all.

Here's hoping next post I have some pictures to show.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Starting out

Well this is my first post on my blog.
I feel a little cautious but I suppose everyone does at first.
I love handmade things and making stuff. 
Crochet is my favourite crafty pass time I taught myself from books about 3 years ago now.
And really I just cant stop. I like how it feels to make things from a long piece of yarn. 
The feeling of accomplishment is great. 
Something that I never would of understood until I tried it out.

It just wasn't cool to know how to sew or crochet. 
But well the past few years has seen that change hasn't it ?!

Anyway I'm also taking part in  group on Ravelry called come blog-a-long.
Which really gave me the motivation to start up a blog. 
The Idea is that you pick a list of projects. 
Then write about your progress over the next 12 months.
I thought it was a brilliant idea and well here is my list.
 Better late than never.

Attic 24 crochet bag
Attic 24 summer garden granny
A lapghan of French nanny squares
A pair of fingerless gloves (pattern not yet chosen)

All lovely lovely crochet lovelies but my main love is amigurumi. 
So I also want to use up the 10 balls of fleshtone yarn that I have to make some dolls. 
To hopefully take to a craft fair at some point over the next 12 months. 

And finally I want to make a crochet version of my lot.
My family I mean I haven't got a car lot or anything like that.
My youngest son has asked me to make him so I've added that to my list. 
What do you think? A lot? Or an OK amount?

 Yesterday was progress Sunday. 
I'm a little late with my post but I thought I'd show some pics of what I've been up to.
Here goes...

That's my projects so far.
I don't think I'll be doing them in any particular order.
Just doing bits and bobs of different  ones as I go on. 
Hopefully their will be more updates on another day.